Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Sea Cucumber

Everything's mostly packed up now so in the down time I decided to finish one of my UFO's that's been sitting around for... oh... probably a year. I thought it was going to occupy me for just a few hours but the density of this thing took all day to finish 3 rows! I know it's not technically a 'sketch' for the 'sketch blog' but this blog encompasses all kinds of creativity! So let's have at it! :)

OK. It really looks like a sea cucumber while all stretched out, makes me giggle.

The stitch is called embellished herringbone. It's truly easy to make but very time consuming due to the density of the beads.

There's a funny story about it too. I was on the back of my hubby's motorcycle (before I got my own) and we just happened to drive by the little bead store tucked away on a road that housed many industrial companies. Definitely not where I'd expect to find one! Being that it had 'dragon' in the title we decided to stop and march inside fully suited and probably weirded out the ladies inside gathered around the beading table.

That's when I chanced upon the store owner's embellished herringbone bracelet on display and I fell in LOVE! I knew I had to make it so I signed up for a few classes knowing that the particular class for the bracelet was months away! Thus I started my beading hobby and am poorer for it but happy all the same!

Is that a sea cucumber on your arm?

Mostly invisible clasp, when not looking at it on an angle,
'scuse my terrible photography :p

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Winter Woes!

Disaster struck again. I spilled water on my laptop and that's never a good thing. Last time, on my old laptop, I fried the connection to the battery so I always had to have the thing plugged in. Lessons learned, I immediately ripped the battery out and I was able to save my laptop! Yay!

When will I learn that electronics and water just don't mix?

I'll save the sob story but I am being forced to move and it hasn't even been a year in this new place. I'm utterly disappointed. That being said, I also hate packing and moving in general especially in the winter when it's cold and snowy. It just makes for a plain miserable experience.

Looks like any kind of art is going to be put on a huge hold until I can get packed and moved out. It's too bad... I only just acquired my mom's sewing machine and just got all the materials I need to make a denim rag quilt.

The only positives in all this seems to be that I will be able to go through all my storage stuff. I've got about 5 boxes worth of stuff and 1 box of clothes so far to donate to a thrift store. De cluttering is so empowering!

Also, my car will finally get put back together. Exciting! I've been waiting since August! It might look junky on the outside but it'll drive like a brand new car!

I might be able to squeeze in a sketch here and there but I won't make any promises. Even Skyrim has been put on hold. FUS-RO- *hack cough choke*..... *dies*.... Yup that about sums up my life right now.

Peace everyone.

Bug out.